“Your Why Comes From Inside Of You”

Your Why?

Whenever I choose to coach people, one question is always high and mostly first on my list.

The question is often phrased in different ways but I am always searching for the same knowledge.

What is your reason for wanting to make changes to your life? What drives you more than anything to want to do things differently – to try an alternative approach to generating an income or to finding a work life balance that suits you?”

Every person on this planet has underlying motivations. For some people, it is about acquiring experiences, travelling the world, seeing the best of what our planet has to offer. Other people are more into material possessions – houses, cars and luxury items.

I am always humbled by people who have a total focus on supporting their children. I greatly admire parents that want to assure the best education for their young children, to be able to financially support siblings through University and to leave a solid legacy for their grandchildren.

I am always confident that I can introduce people to a proven vehicle to help pursue career and life desires. I am even more confident in my ability to guide, support and encourage people through the inevitable challenges that stand in front of acquiring anyone’s definition of success.

However, one thing I cannot do is decide what your personal why is. I always enjoy the discussions where people are planning to define what they want from their life but ultimately, your why comes from inside of you.

People that have a clear why are immediately on the right tracks for progress. If you know your why but you don’t feel you are on the pathway to achieve your definition of success, please do get in touch.

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