The mum

Promotion pressure, office competitiveness, time restrictions and THAT dreaded continuously growing ‘to-do’ list. This was exactly the kind of the lifestyle that holds you back from freeing yourself from thousands of pounds worth of debt to build a life of security, stability and happiness. The corporate ladder (and my boss!) had trapped me for way too long.


From £35,000 in debt to financially free.

Ditching my boss and the competitive corporate ladder of doom changed my LIFE. Promotions, competitiveness and time restrictions made it impossible for me to fulfil my personal goals and build security.

I had dreamed of being one of those loving, stress-free Mums. But I’ll be blunt here. At this time in my life I saw no other future other than continuing the 9-5 grind, let alone having a thriving passion-based career! Starting a family was never on the horizon for me, I would have never been able to afford it.

When my passive business with Forever boomed and I finally grasped control and became my own boss, this outlook changed dramatically! It literally changed my life and I had opened up to new opportunities that I didn't notice before. One of these was motherhood. 

Fast forward three years in the future – I am running a growing international business that provides me with the blissful balance between being a Mum and fulfilling a successful, profitable career.

I have been able to share and create the most amazing moments with my favourite people – my lovely family. Embracing every moment of my boys’ childhood so far has been a delight and it’s one that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without my experience with Forever.

Goodbye debt and hello financial freedom (I pinch myself everyday!). The flexible lifestyle has more than anything made the biggest impact of my life. At first, I used to cram in work when my boy was napping! I’m proud to say that now my routine is fully shaped around family life and there's no longer a need to cram! Out of choice, I take my boy to nursery two days a week so he can benefit from the social development which is when I get most of the work done. Work slots around my family needs and my boy always comes first.

The holidays, the experiences and building my dream home has meant the absolute world. My dream of being a loving, stress-free Mother has come true, I’ve build a secure life for not only my son, but for all my family.


Has the hard work been worth this perfect combination? Of course! Its been the most exhilarating feeling of my life. There is no better journey than self-development and realising just how great you are, and the good you can achieve by being able to take care of the ones who matter! The modern Mum can really have it all. I’m living proof. 

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