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Written Testimonials:

Uruj Zahid

“When I came across Forever, I was a mum of 2 and expecting my 3rd baby. I worked full-time and was desperate to leave my day job and be a full-time Mum. I worked closely with Jules, who showed me how I could achieve what I wanted and more. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and now I have the perfect work/life balance after sacking my boss and building my business around my children.”


Jessica Day

“Being mentored by an incredible, inspiring and humble woman, who has shown me that anything is possible, and dreams do come true. Most importantly, Julianna has shown me how I could fulfil my dream of being a full-time stay at home mum to my two beautiful and very small children. After only 9 months working my home based business part time and flexibly, I replaced my previous income. I am very proud to be part of Julianna’s team and thankful for this opportunity and having the most amazing job ever – being a full-time stay at home mum!”


Karina Warman

“Julianna is the best mentor anyone could ever have, always oozes greatness and always there! I joined her team when I started my maternity leave with my third baby. A year on, I now earn more than my full-time wage, have sacked my boss and run my business around my children. Giving me the dream of more time with my babies could not have ever been achieved without Jules’ support and belief in me.”


Stephanie Parker

“When I came across this business I was torn between going back to university and being a stay at home mum. I wanted a career and craved success but also wanted to make my daughter my priority. Thanks to the help and support Julianna has given me I have been able to more than replace the income the university route was going to give me from home without having to miss out on those precious milestones. My life is now unrecognisable and I’m really excited for what’s ahead.”

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