Why is self-employment the future?

Why is self-employment the future?

Here’s the deal:  Self-employment is the future and ladies, it’s our time to shine.

A crazy 83% of new employment created since 2007, has been in people deciding to work for themselves. It’s not showing signs of stopping, that’s for sure. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) revealed earlier this year that a growing amount of women are contributing to this rise. Here’s why self-employment is the future of working life.

Huge potential – at your finger tips

You know the score – you’ve heard it a million times before; the Social Media boom has transformed boundaries. It’s given us the power and the ability to share our passion, and connect with like-minded individuals. Tools and new opportunities are forever developing – giving us small fishes a chance to be a huge success in a big pond. 

Low set-up costs and success so accessible make going it alone so attractive. Technically you only need a laptop, passion and ok maybe a small bit of cash to get yourself going. But let’s face it, with the resources at your fingertips and drive, the risk is small and the rewards are huge once you find your ‘secret sauce’. (Hint: YouTube and Podcast’s are your best friend). 

The creative flow

We live in a 24-hour on-demand world. Even though companies are slowly moving towards flexible working practices, it looks like 9-5 days are will be around for a lot longer than we hoped (sigh). Being self-employed means you can work hours that suit your customers and ultimately, you. 

How often do you get stuck in a creative drought caused by your restricted work environment?

Bin the time restricted to-do list – do it when you want! 
Hit a creative block? Go for a run. 
Less tasks on the list than usual? Do that DIY job you’ve been meaning to do for 7 months.

Ditching the office politics and restrictions can increase your relaxation levels and let your true creativity flow.

Family and work-life balance

Woman entrepreneurship is empowered more than ever and we’re just getting started. For many women pursuing a successful and rewarding career comes with the tough art of balancing work, childcare and unmissable family time. Luckily, the accessibility of working for ourselves means we can finally have it all, it’s the perfect combo.

With already so many opportunities, the future for self-employment is more exciting than ever. I give you the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of entrepreneurial freedom whilst maximising your monthly income at a low risk. Are you ready to change your life for the better? Take the first step and find out how today.

Julianna Beavan