3 traits that show you’ve got what it takes to be self-employed/entrepreneurial?

3 traits that show you’ve got what it takes to be self-employed/entrepreneurial?

Making an impact with your creative ideas, living life on your own terms and providing your family with the life that they deserve, are all fantastic reasons to be self-employed.

Do you think you have what it takes? Get ready to find out the truth…

You have a burning passion

The word ‘passion’ may as well be translated to success. Being able to translate your passion into your customers and clients will come easy. It reflects effortlessly in your enthusiasm and my gosh people will see it beaming through every action you take. It makes all the difference when building relationships with people and plotting your next business move.  If you have this, you’ve got a head start - business will be easy. 

You have a why

…and you want to get there. My why was to get out of £35,000 worth of debt, spend more time with my little boy, and get out of the corporate career that I felt stuck in. Your why may be similar, or it may even be completely different. It could be that you want to send your children to private school, be there for your 7 month old, take your family on the holiday you’ve been on about for years, or simply be a stay-at-home Mum and still be financially free. Becoming self-employed can help you reach your all-important why, which leads perfectly onto my next point. 

You’re motivated, determined and self-driven

Got all these? You’re winning. Being your own boss means no deadlines, no stress and definitely no Helen from upstairs swinging past your desk to just to “see how you’re getting on”.  

The results are on you. But if your why is kept at the front of your mind, with that burning passion by your side, then you’ll run this world (and your business ;)).

*Bonus trait*

You’re coachable

If you’re a good listener, someone who is willing to learn new things, and develop themselves, then the business I have been running for the past 8 years is your perfect match. When I started my journey, I emptied my cup and had an open mind. 

I had a burning passion, I stuck to my why.  I was motivated, determined and I had the drive to get out of my previous life. This was all I needed to create my successful business. I am now living life on my terms, and you can too!

If you feel like you have the traits above, then make sure you click here. I am looking for people like you to embrace this opportunity and work with me, so that you can also live life on your own terms. 

Julianna Beavan