If you don’t possess belief, you will most likely stutter through life and enjoy only modest accomplishments. 
Belief is an essential part of life progress, accomplishment and the ideas for success that you crave.

We’re all trying to achieve something in our lives. Do any of the following desires sound familiar to you?
⦁ Create your own business
⦁ Get a better paid job
⦁ Find a life partner
⦁ Afford a new house
⦁ Take that dream holiday
⦁ Secure a better work / life balance
⦁ Retire early
These are some of the common desires in life. The attitude of belief is essential to accomplish any of these types of goals and objectives – it is the proverbial fuel that powers you towards the life you have designed in your mind.
People can accomplish extraordinary things… as long as they believe the right things. In this Blog, we are going to examine how you might learn how to stop believing in the wrong things and redirect your attention and energy towards “correct beliefs”.

This guide is not intended to be the ultimate checklist. However, it is a useful starting point and intended to put you on the right track. By the end of this Blog, you should have developed a new-found confidence in your ability to set goals, stick to them and see them through to the end. All this comes on the back of knowing how to “believe correctly”.

  1. Consider and define the objective
    How you define your beliefs is crucial to how firmly you stick to them. There is a philosophy called Stoicism. This can be used to pinpoint whether your beliefs are being defined properly.

The core principle of Stoicism is this:

“You should endeavour to always focus on what you can control in your life and seek to ignore what you unquestionably can’t”

Whilst this is an incredibly simple philosophy, too many people in the world focus frustratingly on what they can’t control.
People have a tendency to do this by adopting a blame culture. By sitting behind blame, they deflect responsibility away from themselves and place it squarely at the feet of the person, the influence or the situation that they never had any influence over.
Let’s look again at the common goals listed above and think about the common excuses we hear when people don’t achieve them.
⦁ Create your own business
I don’t know what sort of business to start. I don’t have enough money
⦁ Get a better paid job
The economy is not good. I don’t have enough qualifications and experience. Now is not a good time for me.
⦁ Find a life partner
I’ve not enough to offer. I’m too fat, thin, short, I don’t have a nice enough house, car. I don’t trust people.
⦁ Afford a new house
I cannot sacrifice my other comforts to find the extra money
⦁ Take that dream holiday
I don’t have the discipline to save up
 Secure a better work / life balance
I never have enough time. Particularly common in people who get up after 8 am each day and sit watching tv from 730 – 11 every night
 Retire early
My pension is not performing well enough

Do these examples and excuses sound familiar?

This is how too many people approach their goals. They set the wrong kind of goals, they make excuses, they procrastinate, they get discouraged and eventually they give up.

Why is this? Why do people give up?

The answer is usually because they never truly had the belief set in the first place.

How can you believe that you’re able to do something that seems difficult or impossible to accomplish?

Remember the primary principle of Stoicism is to focus on what you can control and ignore what you can’t.

With that in mind, how could we transform the goals above into ones a Stoic would make? Here is my very basic attempt:

 Create your own business
Look for a work from home business opportunity. There are dozens in the direct selling industry and the start-up cost is less than £200
Get a better paid job
Seek to improve my qualifications and experiences with short courses. Research how to create a powerful CV. Register with online recruitment agencies.
 Find a life partner
Make a point of going to places where other single people go. Try online match making and dating sites – where people like you are looking to find someone.
⦁ Afford a new house
Work out how I can reduce my monthly expenditure by budgeting better.
⦁ Take that dream holiday
Take on an additional part time job for six months and earn an extra £300 per month
Secure a better work / life balance
Get up at 6 am. Use television time to do more enjoyable fulfilling things.
Retire early
Make a plan to divert a set amount of money into a retirement account. Set up a side business. Consider a buy to let property

Too few people set out their goals like this. Instead they are too focused on the result they crave and not the unavoidable process of getting to where they choose to be.
It’s much easier to believe your goals are possible when you apply the Stoic’s philosophy to them. They are real, logical and very literal. You either work towards accomplishing them and work on the tasks in the process or you do not.

The key point is this: set your goals right at the beginning and you won’t have lapses of faith ever again.

  1. Make Your Goals Achievable
    There’s a common misconception that we need to set difficult tasks to truly test our belief system and capacity. Let’s challenge that notion.

Keep at the front of your mind our core principle here. This is that we’re only focusing on things that we have complete control over.

The next most important aspect of belief is consistency. There’s no point doing anything goal orientated unless you’re going to be consistent about it.

There are people who perform a task just a few times and expect, they will get a certain result. Why is this wrong?

  • Firstly, expecting any result that is out of their control is wrong.
  • Secondly, even if they had the correct beliefs, doing something out of expectation is a sure-fire way of being disappointed.

It’s like performing reverse psychology on yourself. The secret is being disciplined enough to stick to the easy goal. That will give you the energy to stick to it.

The key point is this: How can you make it easy to believe that you can hit your daily goal?

  1. Work Out The Numbers
    People who create belief often do so on the back of planning.
    They break down their goal into manageable chunks and they progress based on small steps. As they accomplish their mini goals, they celebrate and reward themselves.
    It’s a little like setting out on a 100-mile journey on foot. It is a long way to walk but walking 5 miles a day sees the task delivered in 20 days.
  2. Roll with the disappointments
    Along any planned journey, there will be kinks in the road and obstacles that you did not expect. It is inevitable. If you are unlucky, this will slow the process. When this happens, you will be disappointed. However, don’t let this disappointment steal your dream. Revert to the focus on what you can influence. Readjust your plan to what you can control and move forward.
  3. Share Your Beliefs
    Everyone should have someone that they share their goals and beliefs with. Every time you tell someone what you believe in, two things happen:

⦁ you re-affirm your faith in the belief to yourself,
⦁ you have someone who has the potential to keep you accountable to the belief.

There are some people who keep their dreams to themselves. Their desires stay locked up in their mind and never gets declared or shared.

This secrecy or reluctance to share could be for many reasons. They might think that their idea is stupid. Maybe people will laugh at them.
Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain: the person who doesn’t share their belief — or more specifically, their idea or dream — will find it more challenging to achieve it than the person who does share it with their confidants.

Perhaps you can consider it this way: the person who doesn’t share their dream doesn’t believe in it as much as the person who does share it. Roy Croc and Colonel Sanders, the founders of McDonalds and KFC respectively, were famously laughed at and ridiculed for sharing their beliefs. I don’t think you need me to reiterate the incredible success their ideas, fueled by their beliefs, went on to achieve.

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