The word retirement sparks different emotions in different people. For some there is negative thoughts about associated old age and having less vitality. For others, there is the attractive prospect of having more time to enjoy life – practice hobbies more frequently, travel and explore and generally enjoy a more relaxed existence.

Even the younger ones amongst us know that our senior years creep up on us.  Indeed, advice offered by older people to younger people often revolves around the importance of planning for our futures.

“It may seem like its decades away but old age creeps up on you much faster than you realise”

This is a common statement and one I have heard many times.

Whilst PriceWaterHouseCoppers (PWC) have previously suggested that people being born today may have to work until they are 72 years of age, the reality is that the choice can be in your own hands. You have the power to influence your future. There is the possibility of retiring whilst you are still young and healthy enough to enjoy life.

As I work with clients from all types of social, career and educational backgrounds, many have them have confused views surrounding the subject of retirement.

They have not even reconciled what they want from their life right now, let alone in two years’ time. 20 years plus time sees wat too distant to them.

However, when some of my clients begin to realise that it is possible to retire at a much earlier age, suddenly these subject grabs their attention and suddenly the words “early retirement” and what this can mean become very attractive.


  1. So how do people retire early?

The words planning and discipline are never far away from discussions with people who have managed to retire early.

Many early retirees have a track record of making early decisions about what they expect from their retirement – the sort of house they want to live in, the car they want to drive, the type of holidays they want to take and the amount of cash they want to be able to call on for treats.

As you consider this, there are many useful Pension Calculation tools available to help you decide what amount of money you would like to have to retire on and what investments it will take for you to build up that Pension Retirement Pot.   Here is one of them to click here and try.

  1. Some ideas to support early retirement

Many people have achieved their definition of Financial Freedom on the back of intelligent property investments.

One of the most common methods across the last 20 – 30 years has seen people buying properties on a buy to let mortgages. They buy the house, rent it out for a small monthly profit and then take the opportunity to sell the house when the housing market is optimised and the price has increased by 20 or 30%. In man y instances, this creates large chunks of cash that can be reinvested into other opportunities.

Whilst this property investment practice is still possible, the international financial crisis changed the attitudes towards bank lending. Nowadays, banks are much more cautious about who they will lend to. There a useful report about this here

  1. A small side-line business   

To secure that essential income, some people choose the path of self-employment, whilst other people prefer to be employed. However, nowadays, there is an abundance of side-line, work from home business that have the capability to add at least £500 per month to the family income or to contribute towards the pension pot.

Some of these businesses start off with the intention of providing top up income but people then realise that there is an opportunity to eclipse the alternative of an employee salary. There are countless stories about people entering direct selling businesses to eventually replace their family income with a work from home business.

Here is a link to a Podcast from the Direct Sales Association where this is verified by an independent accountant.

  1. Intelligent Investment

Strict Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules govern what people in the UK can choose to invest in. However, there are a growing number of credible systems where people can choose alternate investments to command returns between 5 and 10% per annum. For people who have a greater appetite for risk, the returns can be much higher.

Many Crowdfunding platforms have now been set up for alternative investments. As well as offering the ability for you to invest for potentially higher returns, some of these platforms events permit small businesses to raise essential funds to breathe life intro their own businesses.   Here is a useful article about Crowdfunding  platforms.  

Whatever your choice of retirement plan, one things is 100% certain, you need a strategy to ensure you find what you need when you get to your chosen retirement age.

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