Acting is hard work. There is nothing more mentally draining than creating and sustaining a facade. Life is much more relaxed and happier when you can simply be yourself – where you can talk, dress and behave in a way that reflects the real you.

Let’s look at the subject of authenticity in human beings.  The benefits of seeking to be your real self are substantial. Authentic people are very comfortable with who they are and what they want. The characteristics of authentic people are easy to identify.

1. Authentic people encourage the same philosophy in others.

Authentic people don’t expect other people to hide behind a false image. They actively discourage people feel from feeling as if they need to conform – that they must fit into a certain personal brand or project a certain charisma to be acceptable as a friend.

Authentic people behave with such forthright clarity and honesty. This encourages other people to throw off the pretence and show their real character too.

2. Avoiding Negative People.
Authentic people tend to focus on positivity. They choose to be around positive  people and have too much self-respect to tolerate people who treat them without respect.

Authentic people are comfortable in their own skin. They will encourage people and be prepared to share their knowledge and skills but they have too much respect for other people to try to and change or influence them beyond their will.

Instead, they often ease harmoniously away from people who are negative – and in doing so they always avoid repercussions or arguments.

  1. Respectfully Forthright & Humble

Authentic people gently express their true feelings and opinions. This sometimes means saying things that are not always popular. Authentic people choose the honesty line and don’t take the quiet route away from saying what best fits. Instead they express opinions that they truly believe in.

Authentic people can be stubborn in respect of their own values. They are not capable of acting in a way that’s contrary to what their principles dictate.  They prefer not to mislead people and they will sacrifice personal gain over doing anything unethical.

4. Confident

Authentic people are confident. The feeling of inadequacy and social anxiety often originates from the fear we have of being exposed – the revelations that we’re not as clever capable, experienced, or well-connected as we pretend to be. Authentic people don’t have such fears. Their confidence comes from their authenticity. Honesty and transparency leaves nothing to hide.

5. Articulate & Engaging

Authentic people seek out intellectual and engaging companions and friends. They prefer deeper conversations to meaningless and idle conversations.

Authentic people are not two faced. They do not talk about others and they are not interested in scandal or the misfortune of others. Instead they choose to talk about the many aspects of life that matter.

6. Not Easy To Convince

Authentic people are smart analysers. They don’t follow anyone’s advice without first evaluating it carefully first. They are not the type of people to fall into line with a trend just because a path has been well trodden before. Instead they will adopt a critical perspective and do their own checks and due diligence. They prefer not to blame others and take time to establish a route and an action path that makes sense for them.

7. They are Positive

Authentic people don’t complain about their problems. Complaining can often occur when people label an unsavoury situation as someone else’s fault or when people except that it’s someone else’s responsibility to fix all problems.

Authentic people tend to be planned, organised and accountable. They understand that they are responsible for their own lives and they regard complaining as pointless.

8. Motivated

They are motivated. Authentic people don’t rest on their laurels and spend all day thinking. They are action orientated. They don’t need a stick and carrot style of motivation. They are naturally and organically motivated from within.

9.They Don’t Seek To Be Popular

Authentic people don’t get unduly upset when someone doesn’t like them. We all prefer to be loved and respected but much of the discomfort of disapproval comes from trying to figure out why you are not liked, what you did wrong or how you can fix it.

Authentic people don’t generally have these types of anxiety because they would never try to change themselves to influence someone else’s opinion and gain artificial favour. They respect everyone’s right to be authentic about their own feelings, even if those feelings are based on questionable information.
Deciding your life philosophies and values is not a simple process. Furthermore, living authentically is a perpetual personal challenge that can bring great self-comfort and life rewards. Being authentic is a way of life that you won’t regret following.

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