Many people want to achieve progress and success in their lives and careers. When we examine why some people don’t enjoy progress and success, some people find it difficult to isolate the reasons why their goals and desires don’t come to fruition.

In my Business Coaching work and through the role of supporting diverse types of people, I have enjoyed a close-up view and a clear perspective on what often holds people back in business and in life.

One human emotion is largely accountable for the procrastination that stands as a formidable barrier to progress and success. This emotion is fear.

There are, however, many different types of fear that hold people back. Let’s examine some of these.

  1. The Fear of Rejection
    Some people avoid entering into new relationships, mixing with new people and trying new business ventures due to a fear of rejection.

    Even within some marriages one of the Partners will avoid approaching their long-time spouse to ask for something, or to suggest something due to a fear that their partner will say no. Suppressing your own needs, curiosities and preferences is not a good habit to get into.

    Life can never guarantee that you will obtain your every wish or desire you ask for. However, one thing is for certain, if you don’t ask, you will never receive.

    Get into the habit of respectfully asking for the things that you desire. As you do this, consider the process of asking for and suggesting new things as an experiment.

    Experiments don’t always have a certain outcome but they satisfy your need to get an answer to a question that teases you.

    Don’t let the fear of rejection put a pause button on some aspects of your life.

    2. The Fear of Failure
    Fear of failure and the ability to overcome this is often the difference between success, failure and stagnation.

    Many people choose not to do something new or test an idea unless 100% confident that they can succeed or win.

    Failure is an everyday part of life and the world is full of leadership examples where the refusal to succumb to the fear of it paid amazing dividends.

    In the future, think of failure differently i.e. – there are no failures only lessons learned.

When Thomas Edison created the light bulb, he conducted 1000 unsuccessful experiments.  He did not regard these as failures but progressive attempts to get closer to his desired objective.

3. The Fear of Uncertainty
The fear of an uncertain outcome often prevents people from trying something new. The uncertainty may revolve round a new hobby, a new job, a new business venture.

Living a fulfilled life is about collecting experiences and sampling all this world has to over.

Not being prepared to try something new is akin to repeatedly ordering the same dish from the same menu every. It’s a little unadventurous and boring.

I’m sure there are many occasions when you have tried new things and been thankful for the fact you did. Some outcomes just cannot be guaranteed but mediocrity is a pretty certain outcome for those who won’t push their chest out and say no to fear.

4. The Fear of Loneliness
Sometimes people choose to stay in unhappy and unfulfilled relationships or, paradoxically, they resist living alone due to their fear of loneliness.

Learning how to be alone, without feeling lonely and finding ways to keep your mind engaged when you are alone can help manage the fear of loneliness.

I actually enjoy spending some time alone. It is my thinking, planning, rejuvenation and education time.

Choosing to stay in a relationship that makes you terribly unhappy, unfulfilled and downright miserable is not wise for you or the other partner. Equally, seeking to be in just any personal relationship (be it friendship, an intimate one or a business one) is not recommended.

However, it takes great courage to realise this and act upon it.

5. The Fear of Change
We live in a rapidly changing world. Change is now an inevitability. It is something that should actually be sought and embraced.

However, many people carry an irrational fear of change. As a consequence, they resist it all costs.

The fear of change can cause people to become like pedestrians. Standing still is not recommended and being change resistant means that you may miss out on a lot of really good opportunities in your life.

Adjust your attitude to change. See it as the fuel to a better future.

6. Fear Of Freedom
Although some loss of freedom does accompany a serious relationship or commitment to a business, it’s important to balance independence with dependence and maintain some freedom. This comes under the heading of creating a work life balance. Much of this is down to planning and discipline. Make time for yourself.

7. The Fear of Being Judged
Many people suppress their activities as a consequence of worry – fear that they’ll be judged negatively by others.

If we live our lives to win the favour of everyone, we will never succeed. It’s impossible to please everyone and trying to do so will make you frustrated and miserable. You must try to live your life to achieve your desires and not to receive approval from others.

8. The Fear of Inadequacy
One of the greatest and least palatable fears that many people share is the feeling that that they’re not worthy or just not good enough. People pass up opportunities and a chance to progress because they worry that they’re inadequate.

You should only care about doing your best. There will always be people out there who are better than you and the remainder of us at certain things. That is just the way life is. Focus on doing your very best. Be happy that you are doing your very best. That is all you should worry about.

Live your life for you. Focus on activities that give you the life you desire. Stand up to fear and don’t let it hold you back from life progress.


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