There are several emotions that control the way that we humans behave and act. Therefore, these emotions determine our life potential and the accomplishments that people like me and you might go on to achieve.

There are many human emotions and attitudes but the ones I’m thinking of are:

  • Joy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Respect
  • Anger
  • Bravery
  • Suspicion
  • Apprehension
  • Determination
  • Fear

These are emotions that we first learn about, we then determine the meaning of and we place into our own context during the formative years of our life – typically this is the first ten years of our life.

During this first decade of our lives, the examples set by our parents, our friends and our loved ones often go on to influence our personal barometer and our physical responses (how we choose to act) in the face of these emotions.

Some people grow to be naturally more confident, whilst others adopt some of the more obvious character traits of their parents. One of these emotions really does hold people back from growing as a person, from achieving their goals, their desires and from becoming the best version of themselves. This emotion is, of course, fear.

Fear is most definitely one of the most influential human emotions.

If we take some time to research history and look for examples of high achievers, it is incredible to discover just how many success stories we find that are punctuated with determination, courage and the overcoming of fear.

Being brave and overcoming fear does not have to mean risking your life. Bravery can sometimes come in the shape of ignoring the cynics and sceptics – you know those people that are all too quick to voice their disapproval of anyone that is remotely ambitious, who choose the non-traditional path or who carry plans that have the potential to lift them above a life of mediocrity.

As I write the blog, I reflect on the 2016 movie called The Founder and the man who was given the credit for being the driving force behind McDonald’s Restaurants.

The film portrays Ray Kroc was once a struggling, 52 year old Milk Shake Machine salesperson. The film suggests he was often ridiculed by his friends for his failed business ideas and ventures. The Founder reveals that Kroc shared ideas from the original creators of the McDonald’s family and encouraged them to franchise their business concept. In that process, the film says that he re-mortgaged his house, he defaulted or struggled to meet repayment on loans, he constantly fell out with the original founders and had to endure skepticism and a reported lack of support from his first wife, who he went on to divorce.

No one needs reminding of how successful the McDonald’s empire is today. They have almost 37,000 restaurants in 120 countries and they employ almost 400,000 staff.

I don’t mind admitting there were some scenes in The Founder that made me dislike Kroc. For example, he did not pay the original founders the 1% royalty that he was alleged to have promised them in their final contract. However, I somewhat thawed from this attitude when I read that Kroc and his second wife left an incredible $1.5 billion to The Salvation Army, a faith that does so much good around the world.

The story of Colonel Sanders and KFC is remarkably close to that of McDonald’s and Kroc.

Sanders had over 1000 rejections of his seemingly flawed franchise invitation that was based around a chicken recipe. After 1008 rejections, someone finally believed in him and took up his proposition. Look at the global footprint of KFC today.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is another risk taker. His ideas were laughed at by many. No one is laughing now as Facebook turned over and astounding €27 billion in 2016 and is without question the most influential website and Social Media portal in the world. Some commentators put the election of President Trump and the Brexit vote down to the influence of Facebook. Some people might fairly argue that these are not necessarily good developments but they will be hugely significant in history.

Chris Gardner is another icon of adversity. When he was learning to become a stockbroker, he was homeless for a year and famously had to sleep in Public Toilets with his young son. His story is beautifully told in the movie The Pursuit Of Happiness.

These three men all have one thing in common. They overcame fear. They stared straight in the face of fear, they developed an immunity to rejection and they achieved massive career and financial success.

Their formula for overcoming fear can be seen in their actions. They reconciled that they have one life and they did not want to come to the end of their lives having any regrets. One word describes the attitudes of all three. That word is persistence.

I would like you to understand is that fear is absolutely normal. Even the most successful people will have feelings of uncertainty and fear in their life from time to time.

The objective has to be that of overcoming fear – not letting it hold you back and preventing you from taking the action that can fuel your life dreams and desires.

As you find yourself not following up on an idea or trying a business opportunity because of fear, try to remember the stories of Kroc, Sanders, Gardner and Zuckerberg and the brands they were involved in. Ponder how a simple chicken recipe, a fast food burger concept and a website that allows people to connect were the basic ideas on which their monumental achievements have been built.


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