Various legendary philosophers and authors, the  liked of Abraham Maslow & Tony Robbins,  list the feeling and achievement of security as our number one human need – they say it’s the one thing that we crave and pursue the most.

In this sense, the typical definition of security is a reliable roof over our heads and enough money and resources to sustain the minimum standard of life that we choose.

Considering the unquestionable importance and number 1 ranking of security in most of our lives, it is quite incredible that so many people do not create circumstances that match this theoretical security ranking.

Literally millions of people around the world choose to be in employment – a situation where theirs (the employees) livelihood is often dependent upon factors that are outside of their influence. If something goes wrong for the employer, the employee is often left unemployed and insecure.

In this modern world, we have all observed what can happen to employees. A change in government, a devaluation in currency, a downturn in the economy, emerging technology that eradicates the need for manual labour – these are all factors and circumstances that see people lose their jobs.

Despite the clear evidence that exists in this sense, many people still choose to play a game of Russian Roulette with their security.

I read a blog recently where someone was trying to articulate this same point as I’m making here. He used the analogy of walking on ice, over a lake. He asked “how thin is your ice?”

It’s a good comparison. When we choose employment, we are placing a significant degree of trust in others. The ice may not be as thick and secure as we prefer.

Of course, there are some jobs out there that are very secure and there are some employees who are so talented that they are in great demand and can confidently go from job to job dictating their own pay.

Here in the UK, it’s pleasing to see the dramatic growth in self-employment. It’s even more pleasing to see that small businesses are often referred to as the cornerstone of the UK economy. In a superb article from The Telegraph, the positive economic impact of self-employed people is laid out. You can read the article here

I know many people reading this blog will relish the thoughts of self-employment but at the same time they will be nervous and even afraid to take the leap and pursue the dream. There is also a lot of fear surrounding what type of business to set up.

I fully understand these feelings. It’s exactly how I felt several years ago.

I then discovered a self-employment option through what is best described as a mini franchise – whereby the intelligence, the products, the research and the training is created for you. Some people might refer to it as a ‘business in a box’

This ‘business in a box’ is probably a fair name but it really isn’t just a question of buying the box. I really did have to dedicate the time, the discipline and the commitment to the objective.

At first this was something I was easily able to do alongside my banking day job. Eventually the income was so strong that I had the confidence to quit my job and run my own company full time.

I now live a beautiful life working from my house in the country, with many of my once written goals having come to fruition in both a physical and experiential sense. I love my life.

The Direct Selling Industry in the UK provides a wonderful marketplace for people to find an alternative, self-employed career. Almost 500,000 people contribute £2 billion to the UK economy from the industry that I operate within. There is an overwhelming choice of business opportunities with an initial start-up cost of less than £200.

The research provides plenty of social proof and evidence to demonstrate how people can take control of their own career and financial destiny through self-employment.

They can do so without having to risk a fortune in creating new products and best still, they can gently phase into the new career without having to ditch the day job – until their own business has the momentum and the income to support the full transition.

The best part of my experience and journey into self-employment was that I had people to support, guide and coach me through the early days and my initial start-up cost was less than £200. I now offer the same support to new people.

There really is a better option for people that are dissatisfied with their career and who don’t feel secure leaving their income in the hands of one single employer.


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