The subject of personal acceptance and rejection is one of life’s biggest challenges. When we are rejected by someone, if we chose to allow it, this can have a devastating effect on our mind set, it can dampen our enthusiasm and suppress our progress.

To have any prospects for the progress and the success you desire in business, you must take the time to understand the subject of rejection and develop the mental tools you need to support you through the challenge.

As I have worked through this challenge myself, I’ve had a tough time. Whilst I have developed a resilience, in reality I’m no different to most people in this regard.

It’s most people’s preference to be liked, loved or respected.  None of us like the feeling of being thought of as undesirable or disliked.  However, it’s just inevitable that a percentage of people will reject us and dislike us – no matter what we say or do.

As I seek to help you through this issue, I can recall one of those Eureka moments during a training course.

A good friend of mine is a Marketing Trainer. I remember sitting through his Blog Training Course well over a year ago. He shared a totally beautiful picture of a beach sunset. The sky was a stunning colour. It looked like it had been an amazing day and the sky was darkening with tinges of red.  It was a very atmospheric picture.

He left the picture on the big screen and asked the audience to write down some answers to his questions:

  1. How does the picture make you feel?
  2. Why does it make you feel that way?
  3. Is the weather taking a turn for the better or the worse?

He gave us all a few minutes to gaze at the picture and write down the answers we felt.

He allowed us the time to digest the image. He the then asked for dozen people to read out our answers. I was totally gobsmacked at the responses that people gave.

Some people were just in love with the image. They wanted to be in the image right there and then. Some said it made them feel erotic. Others said it made them feel calm and reflective.

But here was the kicker, three of the twelve people said the image made them feel scared and depressed. The image actually frightened them!

I could not believe what I was witnessing. We were all looking at this beautiful picture from an almost identical, physical vantage point but some of the people saw the image very differently. It had triggered different responses and emotions from everyone.

As we all reflected on our experience, the course leader said something like this:

“As I asked you those questions, I was not looking for right or wrong answers. I wanted to know how the picture really made you feel. As you’ve all just experienced, the very same picture made you all feel so markedly different. Today we had all of the extremes. Considering how much diversity existed around the perception of that one single and simple picture, can you imagine how much debate, division and disagreement that something a little more complex and involved might have had?

The message is very clear for you. Literally everyone has a different “window on the world”.  Some of us may view a situation similarly but others will be at another end of the spectrum of opinion – their perception may be totally different to yours. Think about this as you go about your business. Not everyone will warm to you. Some won’t like your business proposal and they will not particularly like what they see and hear of you. It is just human diversity and a part of life. You will need to learn to accept this. Learn lessons from the rejection but please don’t take it to heart’”

As I drove home that night, this short but life changing experience was spinning around in my mind, especially the sentence;

“Learn lessons from the rejection but don’t take it to heart”     

Those words have stayed with me ever since.

It’s a fact of life that some people will not like you. They will not like the way you look, the way you talk and what business opportunity you represent or the services you offer. However, if you conduct yourself with a good heart, you carry a big, authentic smile and you show lots of humility, more people will warm to you and like you than the alternative.

You will eventually learn to accept this. If you chose to be in business, you will need to learn how to develop some immunity to rejection.

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