For most people who’ve spent any period of time (in some cases a lifetime) working for an employer, they often develop an intrigue and sometimes an infatuation with setting up their own business.  For other people, the same intrigue exists but it I suppressed by an acute fear of failure – of the new business venture not working.

I think it’s fair to day that, at some point in our lives, virtually everyone that goes through the process of setting up their own business have niggle of doubts.

Let’s take a look at the thought patterns and key considerations that people setting up a new business need to go through.

They ask themselves the obvious questions:

  • What is my business idea?
  • Where is the evidence to show demand for the products or service?
  • Will this business idea work?
  • How much will it cost me to set up this business?
  • What will happen if I cannot make the business work?
  • Do I have the discipline and skills to make this work?
  • Is there a market for my business idea?

These are all very fair questions and they are questions that I asked myself before I started down the path of self-employment.

When people look to set up a more traditional kind of business, there are some serious considerations to make. Let’s take the example of a Restaurant or a Coffee Shop. In both examples, physical premises are needed. There are also many other considerations. Here are just a few:

  1. What equipment do I need?
  2. What insurances do I need?
  3. Where will I buy my stock from?
  4. What health and safety certificates do I need?
  5. How many staff will I need to help me?
  6. How can I market my business?
  7. How much money do I need in order to get this business off the ground?

After going through this research and preparation process, this minimum list of seven questions is enough to deter some people from progressing into self-employment, whilst many others overcome their fears and do go on to take a chance.

However, according to website four in ten traditional small businesses fail inside a five year period.

Such statistics are enough to scare many people away from trying to get their own business running.  This is a great shame when there are other, very credible new business formation options out there.

One great option for people to explore are many of the part time options that exist. For example, the direct selling industry offers an abundance of very credible and proven part time, work from home business opportunities.

Some people may not think of such opportunities as offering a high enough income potential. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Opportunities within the direct selling industry can allow you to continue your main job and phase your new business into life at your own steady pace. With the UK based Direct Selling Association (the DSA) imposing highly credible rules and a code of ethics to protect consumers who choose direct selling, this industry offers a viable and safe new route toe extra money or self-employment.

The types of business opportunities can commence from as little as six hours per week but can then go on to deliver a full time income. For those people who really commit to the mission, some direct selling opportunities offer superb lifestyles and financial freedom. There are countless examples to support this.

As well as the flexibility of building a business alongside another day job, the direct selling option offers many other benefits. Most of the products that directing selling organisations offer are of a very high quality and cannot be sourced on a “like for like” basis from the more traditional retail outlets. Superb training, support and rewards systems are also offered by many of the companies that operate in the direct selling sector.

There is a myth that direct selling is a small industry. This is simply not true. As an example, direct selling in the UK alone contributes more than £2 billion to the UK economy and there are over four hundred thousand people involved in this country.

Globally, there are reports to suggest that more than 60 million people are involved in direct selling and that the industry generates more than $116 billion per year in global sales.

I’m pleased that I chose this industry. Several years ago, I worked for a well-known UK bank. I was tired, stressed and frustrated. I longed for a better work life balance, more day to day fun and the type of career that could help me to fuel my dreams. However, as I set about the course of creating my own business, I harboured the same fears as most other people but I rode those concerns and gave self-employment a go. I overcame my doubts and fears and chose direct selling as the vehicle to support my dreams.

Wind forward those several years to today and I have now achieved the life I craved for, with a new set of goals and ambitions to give me motivation for the future. I now work from home with my husband and my beautiful new baby. I have a superb and supportive team of people all around me (from all around the word) who work with me to design their own life. The one thing we have in common is a passion for flexibility and integrity, quality and reliability in the company we choose.

And so, if you are at that juncture in your life where you want to pursue more, you want a better work life balance, you want more control over your destiny, please remember that there is more than one way of setting up your own business.


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