We all experience occasional bad days. Life simply cannot deliver constant fun, positivity and progress all of the time. There are just some days when the world seems to conspire against us to deliver a series of negative occurrences that can take the edge away from our good mood, stall our progress and suppress our positive intentions.

Over the years, I’ve observed some people dig themselves into a deep and depressing proverbial hole after a bad day and I’ve seen these negative moods last for days and even weeks.

Maintaining a positive mindset is something that I focus on. I fight very hard against negativity and have become well known for my positive and happy personality. However, everyone has an occasional off day and I am no exception.

When those inevitable challenging times come, I do my very best to slip back into a positive mood and a happy mindset.

Here are some of the tactics and mind techniques that I find help me to turn a bad day into a good one.

  1. Be thankful for your life vantage point

When comparing our live circumstances to tens of millions of other people around the world, it’s very easy to forget how lucky we are.

There are people who have little or no food and shelter. Some news reports suggest that more than half of the world’s population live on less than £20 per week. This can be difficult for some people to comprehend.

Take some time to contemplate this sobering fact. How you would cope on such a small amount of money – less than £3 per day?

How would you prosper in a very poor country with no Internet and very few of the natural resources and creature comforts that are so easy to take for granted?

It’s so very easy to focus on what your life is lacking and what you don’t have. It’s easy to take clean, running water and electricity for granted. It’s easy to forget that some people cannot flick open the fridge and make a meal. Millions of people have to catch or forage for their food on a daily basis. What some of us spend on a Subway feast for the family lunch, other families would survive on for more than a week.

Take some time to make a list (either written or mental) of all of the most positive aspects of your life and what you really should be grateful for. The next time you flick on a light, take a drink of water from your kitchen tap or stand underneath a warm shower, spare a lingering thought for those that live in candlelight and forced to clean themselves in dirty river water.  Get some perspective on the world and your place in it.

  1. Spin it around

There are a few familiar old sayings in life. Most of us will have heard these quotes:

“Every cloud has a silver lining”

“As one door closes another one opens”

I love the mindset that both of these sayings promote.

Bad and negative things happen in life and some of these events are totally debilitating – especially the death of loved ones or battling a severe illness. I’m not going to trivialise or pretend that it will ever be easy to navigate through such terrible occurrences with positive thinking.

However, there are so many occasions when good can be drawn out of those unfortunate and unwanted life experiences.

Take the occasions when you are stuck in a 2-hour motorway traffic jam – something that ruins your day’s schedule and has the power to take the edge off your good mood.

When this happens to me, I immediately change my thinking pattern and use this ‘stranded time’ productively.

This might take the shape of listening to an inspiring or educational Podcast from my Smartphone, taking a dose of great music or making phone calls to the most important people in my personal and business life.

An airplane delay can allow you to pull out your Kindle and take in several chapters of that book you have committed to reading.

You can choose to wallow in regret and misfortune, or you can look for the positives.

  1. Share it

I find nothing more therapeutic than talking through a problem or the impact of a bad day with one of my close group of trusted friends and colleagues.

When I need to share a problem, I deliberately choose people who I know are positive and solution orientated.

I am also a prolific writer of notes. Some people refer to this as journaling. I find it literally amazing that a problem can seem to erode when I write down the problem, challenge how it makes me feel and make written suggestions of what I can do to address it.

Some of the people that I recommend this type of planning and journaling to often go on to become positively addicted to this useful habit.

  1. Move your body and breathe deeply

It is now well documented that moving our bodies and exercising can release the body’s natural feel good chemicals. Here is what the NHS write:

“Being physically active can lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, encourage the release of endorphins (your body’s feel-good chemicals) and improve self-esteem. Exercising may also be a good distraction from negative thoughts, and it can improve social interaction”

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the positive feeling of exhilaration after we have taken exercise.

Breathing deeply is also a good practice. This mobilises the lymph system and it’s no coincidence that psychotherapists encourage a disciplined process of deep and rhythmic breathing amongst the prescription to their clients.

  1. Change your environment

Feelings of negativity can definitely be eased away with help from nature. Many parts of the UK are blessed with beautiful woodland, countryside and lakes that we can immerse ourselves in and feast our eyes upon.

Sitting beside a lake or a lazy stream or river can be very conducive to calm thinking, especially with the accompanying sounds of nature – the wind rustling through the trees, the birds singing and the sound of the water trickling over the stream and river bed rocks.

Even during the busiest of days, it’s often worth changing your environment after a negative development. Simply changing your environment for as little as 60 minutes can revitalise your positivity and help to reverse the effects of a bad day.

Many people also talk about the joys of sitting outside with a warming fire. The warmth of the fire reflecting on your face, the therapeutic crackling of the wood and the appeal of watching the flames dance in a truly original and random way can trigger a very relaxed, happy melancholy and reflective mood.

  1. Focus on happy memories

Most of us can reflect on incredibly happy times of fun, laughter and huge satisfaction. If we take some quiet time and we close our eyes, we can literally go back to those happy times in our mind.

We can remember our mood, the weather, who we were with, what we were wearing, what we ate and drank and the conversation that drew the feeling of fun, laughter and positivity.


I appreciate that the six recommendations above won’t work for some of life’s harshest times, but they are definitely effective in many instances. You really can turn a bad day into a positive one using these suggestions.

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