Some people say that leaders are born with natural leadership ability. I can see the rationale behind such a statement. I do believe some people are born with better genetics that help them to be fitter, faster, healthier and with greater mental capacity.  However, it’s true to say the most intelligent people don’t always achieve the most from life. They don’t always accomplish great things. They don’t all leave a legacy behind that can positively influence the lives of others.

Most of us have the capacity to make a positive difference to the world right now and what we leave behind when we are gone.

Just over twelve years ago, a company called Acumen made the decision to investment modestly in Water Health International. This was a start-up business that builds and operates water purification systems in small villages and towns across India. Wind forward to today and consider this. Water Health International now brings clean and safe water to 7 million people every day of the year.

Can you imagine that? Making a decision and a small investment that brings the essential ingredient in life (water) into the life’s and families of 7 million people every day. Thousands of these people would not live without water. What a contribution to the world! What a simply brilliant example of leadership and positive legacy!

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 and died in 2013. Nelson was a South African political activist. He sacrificed 20 years of his life for what he believed in. He was imprisoned because he opposed the apartheid regime.

After the abolition of apartheid, he was released in 1990 as a hero. In 1994 he was elected the first leader of a democratic South Africa.

In 1993, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (jointly with F.W. de Klerk) in 1993 for his work in helping to end racial segregation and racism in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela is remembered with massive respect. People think of his sacrifice, his patience, his humility and the forgiveness he showed to those that imprisoned him.

Despite his 20 years in prison, the late Nelson Mandela is now one of the most admired political leaders of the Twentieth and Twenty First Century.

What a legacy he has left behind. Think of the lives that are better for his vision to forgive and forge a new ‘rainbow’ nation.

There is sometimes an attitude that we are like pieces in a game – pawns in a more important bigger life picture. We don’t have to think like that. We can choose to make a difference, we can choose to improve our own lives and the lives of others, we can choose to be a leader.

Pursuing great achievements is not necessarily the work for someone else. You can choose to pursue greatness if you wish. You can choose to make a difference in small ways.

As I stood in the que of my local Subway, I watched the pained expression of the young girl behind the counter. She looked bored, lost and irritated by the requests of the impatient customers that stood before her. She could barely break a smile. When it was my turn, I chose to make a difference to her.

“Good morning. How are you today”

I deliberately paused and waited for her to respond. She lifted her head and looked at me. She had clear skin, no make-up and beautiful blue eyes.  I smiled back at her and I asked again.

“How are you. I was watching you just now and you look worried?”

The girl did something she had not done in the 10 minutes I had waited in the queue. She smiled.

“Oh, I am ok. Thank you. Sorry. I had little sleep last night. My baby has a cold and kept me awake. Is it really that obvious”?

I smiled back at her. “I know the feeling. It’s never easy operating on low sleep. Oh well, at least you can grab a strong coffee from the machine right behind you”

The girl laughed and took my order.

As she took my money in exchange for my favourite sandwich, I was the only person left in the Subway. The girl looked at me again and smiled. “Thank you for taking the time to ask how I am. Most customers just bark their orders at me. It’s nice to meet someone so pleasant”

I smiled and placed my business card into the girl’s hand. “That’s ok. If you ever want to talk about how you might be able to change your life for something that gives you more time, I am only a phone call away”

I left Subway feeling satisfied that a small conversation and a smile had lifted the mood of my new friend.

Please try to remember that we can easily connect with people. We can talk, share and publish our valuable stories and experiences. We can follow others, we can drift and hope or we can plan and navigate. We can lead or we can be led.

Anyone who is reading this has the ability to contribute something positive to the world. It doesn’t always have to a massive gesture, or big commitment but please remember, small contributions can make a big difference in to the lives of others. The choice is yours.

Are you a leader or a follower?

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