When people take the time to get to know me or they study my business, they quickly realise that I have created a superb, work from home career and a consistent six figure annual income. Soon after this discovery comes a variety of questions that revolve around the same theme.


“What are the key ingredients for progress and success in your business. How have you done it?

This type of question is close to the top of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from my curious new clients and potential customers.

It is a fair and understandable question and it’s the type of question that I like to receive. When someone asks me this question, it provides a clear indication that the person posing the question is searching for solutions to improve their own life.

I always feel I can help most people who are searching for opportunities to improve their lives and who ask the questions that can be the catalyst to a new and better life path for themselves.

As I seek to answer this type of question, the truth is that there are many ingredients for life progress, improvement and success.

First of all, we must also remember that everyone has a markedly different definition on what the word success means. We all see symbols of success in different aspects of life.

The people that I admire most in life and business are the ones who have taken the time to define what success means for them. The turning point to my own life and business achievements was the point I realised that I needed to decide what I most wanted from my life – I needed to decide what success and happiness meant for me.

I realised that without taking the time to put some conscious thought into this critical subject, no efficient or meaningful journey to an improved life of design could commence.

One of my last blog articles from 2016 posed some powerful personal questions that can help you with this important life planning process.

Outside of the essential exercise to define your definition of success, there are three characteristics and attitudes that I observe in some of the world’s biggest achievers. These are characteristics that sit as the bedrock to my own life and business philosophy. Of course, there are other important factors but these characteristics are constantly visible to people around me.

Let’s take a look at these three characteristics.



To have any prospects for life progress, you must possess a burning desire for more – to be fitter, to be healthier, to be a better parent, partner or business owner, to see more, do more, share more and perhaps own more of the possessions that you crave.

As we consider the subject of ambition, let’s strip the focus back to the most raw and basic facts of life.

Outside of the natural resources of this planet, every reality in this world today started in someone’s thoughts.

Every desire, every idea and the starting point of every journey commences in the mind. It’s starts as something intangible – usually it’s just a seed of a thought that gathers energy and starts to take shape in a physical, visible and tangible way.

This idea might progress from the seed of thought to the scribbling of words on paper. The words become an action plan and the idea now starts to come to life.

For some people, the seed of an idea remains only that – just a thought in the mind of a person who lacks the drive and appetite to turn the thought into a reality.

Ambition is a vital part of the life design process but it offers no value unless you are prepared to pour the fuel of action into your desires.


The next major ingredient that I observe in life’s achievers is an attitude of great persistence.

Great achievements rarely happen overnight. They take time, effort and the ability to overcome setbacks.

Many great achievers learned to develop a clear immunity to rejection and a single-minded determination to find a way up, around and even through the challenges that confronted them on their chosen journey.

In a previous blog, I talked about the amazing persistence of the late Colonel Sanders, the original founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

He soldiered on through more than 1000 rejections to eventually find his first customer. Today, KFC is a global brand with thousands of fast food restaurants around the world.

When you have mapped out your ambitions into a plan that you can work towards, just like Colonel Sanders did, be sure to prepare yourself for some hiccups and challenges along the way. There will definitely be challenges and you will need to become excellent at the skill and mind set of persistence.


It is understandable that people want to achieve their goals immediately. In fact, there are a huge number of people who seek instant results and immediate gratification for their efforts.

Sadly, this impatient mind set sees many people abandoning their plans prematurely. They simply give up because they cannot consistently carry out the important actions unless they are seeing substantial progress every few days.

The lifestyle and business solution that I teach allows some people to enjoy a work from home career income. The speed it takes for my students to achieve this type of outcome varies dramatically and depends on their ambition, persistence and patience.

The reality is that positive results don’t always happen overnight. As I consider the subject of patience, my mind is drawn to an image of two people standing side by side at the start of a journey. For the first part of the journey, the two people walk side by side and do everything ‘virtually’ the same.

One of the two people has some different ideas and they adjust their course ever so slightly.

For the first time, a small gap starts to appear between the two people. As the journey progresses, the distance gets wider and wider. Eventually, the two people who set off on a similar course, are so far apart, they can barely see each other. This dramatic gap occurred despite the same start point and a very similar course.

The message from this mind exercise is simple. Taking the right actions and repeating them with persistence and patience can take you towards the life you envision.

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