Pursuing our dreams and making the changes that we want to shape the life we crave often takes serious amounts of courage.


Throughout the course of my work, I have learned that there are, broadly speaking, two types of people in life:


  • There are people who have become conditioned to drift through their life and hope that things will turn out ok.
  • And there are people who prefer to plan and navigate their way through life – these are people who don’t want to leave their personal or their family’s destiny totally in the hands of others.


Taking the decision to plan ones’ lives can feel particularly alien and awkward for people who’ve been brought up in environments where an attitude and mindset of drifting and hoping has been deeply engrained through several family generations.


Swimming against the proverbial flow of the stream from negative or unambitious people can be very challenging to overcome.


As I listen to the stories given by the many people who reach out to me for help, I frequently have to share some hard but necessary opinions on the circumstances that are explained to me. The conversation usually goes something like this.


“if you are finding it hard to swim against a stream of people that are lacking ambition, positivity and an appetite for change and a break from their engrained tradition, you may need to get out of that stream and find another stream – one where there are people who will grab your arm, embrace you and help you to swim in a direction of achievement, enjoyment and fulfilment”


Making the decision to choose a different path does not necessarily mean you have to abandon your less ambitious friends and family members. However, it does mean you have to be prepared to challenge and ignore some of their thinking habits and become an exception in their world. To accomplish this, you will have to smile and tolerate their disapproval of your newly found positivity and ambition.


As I write the words in this Blog, the faces of some of the people I’ve shared these very same words and conversations with are flashing across my mind. Thankfully, some of these faces are now the smiling expressions of new friends and colleagues – people who took on board some of my advice and then rode the fear of family scepticism and sometimes ridicule to pursue and achieve some of their life dreams.


As you consider the subject of making courageous changes to your life, it’s important to state that your decisions should never be knee jerk and rashly made.  Decisions made in haste can sometimes lead to mistakes and deep regret.


In some of my previous Blogs, I have written about the role and importance of belief and how you can find business people and business opportunities that you can place your trust in.


In fact there are two specific Blogs that contain solid and fair guidance on these very subjects.  If you haven’t read them already, you might want to take just a few minutes to peruse and digest them. The links to these Blogs are here.





However, it’s important to emphasise that all of the research, the reading of good advice and the studying of evidence counts for nothing unless you can find the courage to:


  1. a) make definite decisions


  1. b) then take massive action against these life decisions.


Through my journey of coaching hundreds of people, I’ve learned that human beings need to reach their point of readiness for change – a stage where the discomfort, irritation and discontentment of their current life predicament is just too much bare.


Part of the coaching service that I offer gives people access to a proven business opportunity – a system that can and does provide a vehicle to a better life.


Many of the lovely people that I meet do take the time to study this opportunity and they usually see it for what it is. Their research revels the evidence of real and ordinary people who’ve grabbed the opportunity and transformed their life.


And yet despite seeing this evidence, some people cannot find the courage to embark upon a swim against their personal stream or they harbour an irrational fear of getting into another more positive stream of people.


As you consider your life and how you would like it to be in the future, there are some simple questions that you can ask yourself to support the decision making process – to stimulate your courage to act.


Here are the six important questions to ask yourself:


  1. If I choose to change nothing in my life, what might my life circumstances be like in two years’ time?


  1. Am I the sort of person who prefers to drift and hope or is my future likely to be more secure if I plan and navigate?


  1. What have I really got to lose in making some positive changes to my life and trying some things new? Make a list of the benefits that can be accessed by making these changes.


  1. What specific list of actions might I choose to take to influence the improved life that I seek?


  1. What types of people are qualified, ready and willing to guide and support me on my journey towards an improved life?


  1. Wind forward in your mind to the last moments of your life. As you look back on your life, ask yourself what experiences you will regret not trying? What challenges will you wish you had taken on?


Feeling scared and uncomfortable about making life transforming decisions is not easy and so I will close this Blog with two of my favourite quotes on the subject of courage. I hope these wise quotes serve you as well as they’ve served me.


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

 Ambrose Redmoon


“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” 
Mary Anne Radmacher


About the Author

Julianna Beavan is one of the world’s most respected Business Coaches and Network Marketers. With a proven track record in helping people to take better control of their financial and lifestyle circumstances via exciting options that exist in the health & wellness sector, Julianna is often commended for her inspiring coaching style –  never neglecting the important human aspects of being warm, supportive and humble towards all those who approach her with a serious business appetite and the discipline to succeed.

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