The definition of success is different for everyone. For some people, success is about money and possessions. For others, it’s about experiences, happiness and work / life balance.

Whilst success may be represented and symbolised by different things for different people, there is a formula and there are ingredients that are key influences in helping people to achieve their life desires and goals.

As a Business Coach, someone who helps many people to take control of their career, life and their financial destiny, I am often asked about the ultimate and most important ingredient in personal and professional achievement. This is a conversation that usually takes up a lot of time and focus.

I know the most important attitude and aspect of life progress and the pursuit of success (whatever that might mean for some people) is belief.

To achieve our life’s desires, we have to believe that we can.

If we took the time to study some of the biggest achievers in life, sport and business, we would quickly find a number of common traits in their personality.

In most cases, their confidence and belief shines through.

The history books are peppered with stories about people who progressed through adversity. One famous story that always motivates me is the story of Colonel Sanders.

Back in the 1950s, Sanders was close to 60 and he was financially broke. All he owned was a car, a white suit, a small number of personal possessions and a chicken recipe that many of his friends liked.

Colonel Sanders decided that he would sell this Chicken Recipe for commissions every time someone sold a piece of it. Most of his friends thought he was mad.

And so did more than 1000 restaurant owners who he approached right across America. Many of them told him to go away – but in less polite terms!

And then, on the 1010th occasion that he approached a potential restaurateur, this one said yes. They agreed to pay him a commission every time they sold chicken using his recipe.

Today, Colonel Sanders company is known as Kentucky fried Chicken or KFC. There are close to 10,000 KFC Restaurants all around the world.

Colonel Sanders sold KFC back in 1964 for $2 million dollars (approximately $15 million today) but his image still graces most of their marketing.

Can you imagine the belief that Colonel Sanders needed to keep going through over 1000 rejections? Most of the people I know would have given up after 20 or 30 negative responses.

As we examine the story of Colonel Sanders, it is clear to see that it was his pure belief that gave him the outcome that he so craved.

Henry Ford famously said “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”  There was never a truer quote than this.

Of course, not everyone is capable of repeating the amazing Colonel Sanders story. As I Coach people in my work, I encourage them to look for evidence to support their beliefs.

I suggest they look for living, comparable examples of what they want to achieve. I ask: are there people just like them who have achieved similar things to what they want to accomplish?

In my experience, it is evidence that creates belief and it’s definitely belief that stimulates the action to pursue our life desires.   


About the Author

Julianna Beavan is one of the world’s most respected Business Coaches and Network Marketers. With a proven track record in helping people to take better control of their financial and lifestyle circumstances via exciting options that exist in the health & wellness sector, Julianna is often commended for her inspiring coaching style –  never neglecting the important human aspects of being warm, supportive and humble towards all those who approach her with a serious business appetite and the discipline to succeed.

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