I constantly hear people using the term ‘work life balance’. Many of the people that first come to seek my help say they have a work and life balance that is out of kilter. They say they are working too many hours and they don’t have enough pleasure and leisure time.

I completely understand this sentiment. This is exactly how I felt during my banking days. I spent too many hours at work and I didn’t enjoy what I did. If you enjoy your work, your whole attitude towards what you have to do in order to make money, changes dramatically. I now work hard but I enjoy the process of work and so it feels more like fun than work.

Today’s world runs at a constantly fast pace. Technology has brought much improvement and transparency to the planet, but at the same time it has created a lot more desires and expectation. As a result of the Internet, we all see the world and what it has to offer so much more vividly.

Many people are seeking to achieve a healthy work life balance. Surprisingly, whilst this is such a buzz three letter sentence, so many people have not defined what they want from their life, and what they actually regard as an acceptable balance between work and leisure.

At some point in our life journey, we might be employees, life partners, friends and parents. Running alongside this, we also need to consider our own physical and mental wellbeing.

Accomplishing some level of parity among all these contending challenges, without the feeling of living life from a rule book, can be somewhat challenging.

To share some ideas of how to accomplish a better work life balance, here are four areas of focus that could go a long way towards helping you establish a work life balance:

Working to live

Many of us regard work commitments as critical to life, whilst other important aspects of life can be viewed as somewhat more discretionary.

This ‘live to work’ mentality is engrained into many people from an early age. My philosophy is I work so that I can live the life of my choice.

I have read and devoured the advice from so many inspirational leaders and the wise words written in many books. If we wind forward and pause to think about the final moments of our life, will we be thinking about how we so wished we had spent more time at work? I doubt this.

In our final moments, many of us will regret the experiences we did not have, the places we did not see, the loved ones we wish we could have spent more time with. We will not be wishing we had spent more hours in front of a computer screen.

Take some time and plan how you can maximise your leisure time.

Mix with positive people

I make a conscious effort to develop and maintain the strongest of relationships with my loved ones and my family and friends. I also like to be around positive people – people with a “can do” attitude. These types of people challenge me, they humour me, they inspire and they educate me.

With this comes a greater feeling of vitality and optimism. Feeling energised and optimistic is a far better frame of mind than that of feeling tired, bored and negative.

People who carry a better mindset are definitely more fun to be around. I am grateful for those that make positive comments about the impression I have upon them. The feeling of significance that comes with knowing I am liked, respected and appreciated by many gives me immense satisfaction.

Being self employed

Another way of achieving life work balance is through self-employment.

The prospects of self-employment can often scare those that have always worked for someone else. Feelings of uncertainty and insecurity are common.

Choosing self-employment comes down to belief and confidence in the industry and system you choose to fuel a self-employed life. It is not for everyone.

Working for yourself has so many positive benefits. When you work for yourself, you decide when you need to break off from work. You can decide who you want to work with and who you want to be well clear of. This flexibility feels like taking off handcuffs. It offers such a feeling of freedom.

To accomplish this flexibility within a self-employed environment, you will need to become disciplined and create a schedule of when to work and when to engage in the other activities. It takes some time to master this, but most people who’ve tried self-employment and enjoyed some success, would never ever go back to being employed.

Working from home

There are many purported work from home opportunities. However, you should be very careful about choosing some of them. There are many work-from-home scams advertised and promoted on major websites.

My advice is to be extremely careful in what you choose. Always do your research and make sure you see real, researchable evidence before you pay out any money.

When I chose my current vehicle of Forever Living Products, I made proper enquires about the company. I sought out testimonials from people who I could meet and ask personal questions of.

It is always wise to ask if the business is part of a trade association. If this is the case, why not contact the trade association and ask them what they can tell you about the business?

In summary, securing the work life balance you desire will mean you will need to be clear on what you reasonably want and expect from your life. I find that most people who complain of having no work life balance have never actually taken the time to map out what the term work life balance really means to them.

In this life contemplation process, you will need to get back to basics.

Ask yourself questions such as:

a) how much leisure time can you reasonably expect to enjoy each week?

b) what hobbies and activities can give you the most happiness – even when your available time is at a minimum?

c) which people in your life make you feel most happy and positive, and how can you spend more time with them?

d) what work could you enjoy doing that might allow you to work for yourself?

The term work life balance means different things to different people. Be sure to define what the term means to you.

About the Author

Julianna Beavan is one of the world’s most respected Business Coaches and Network Marketers. With a proven track record in helping people to take better control of their financial and lifestyle circumstances, via exciting options that exist in the health & wellness sector. Julianna is often commended for her inspiring coaching style – never neglecting the important human aspects of being warm, supportive and humble towards all those who approach her with a serious business appetite and the discipline to succeed.

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